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Privacy Policy for WebRTC.Tools

In order to guarantee protection of personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679

WebRTC.Tools provides this document which explains how:

WebRTC.Tools collects, uses, transmits and protects your personal data when you are using the Site.

Anyone who visits the Site must read this document carefully and if he/she does not agree with the Site’s Privacy Policy or does not want the Site to process his/her personal data, he/she must leave the Site immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal data, you can contact us using the contact form in the Site.

1. What is  Personally Identifiable Information?

Personal data is any data that allows a User to be identified, such as name, email, phone, address, IP address, etc.

2. What is WebRTC.Tools:

WebRTC.Tools is an online platform through which websites can generate a webrtc video chat for many uses. Through the platform, Users can communicate directly and exchange information.

The Site WebRTC.Tools is the property of WebRTC.Tools BG LTD.

If you have any questions regarding the protection of our Users' personal data, contact us here:

address: WebRTC.Tools BG LTD, 2A Klokotnitsa street, Sofia, Bulgaria.

3. For what purpose and on what basis does WebRTC.Tools process the Users’ personal data?

WebRTC.Tools processes its visitors’ personal data in order to be able to provide services to them, in particular by providing a channel through which Legal entities contact one another and share information. WebRTC.Tools could not provide the relevant services, if the Site was not allowed to handle personal data.

When processing personal data, WebRTC.Tools complies with all applicable data protection regulatory legislation, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679. For maximum security, when processing personal data, WebRTC.Tools may use additional security features such as encryption, alias, etc.

WebRTC.Tools processes personal data:

- in compliance with the Terms of Service for WebRTC.Tools services, which you can find here;


- for the purpose of executing a contract for the provision of services as offered by WebRTC.Tools. It is believed that by using the Site you are in a contractual relationship with WebRTC.Tools.

4. For what period does WebRTC.Tools process personal data?

WebRTC.Tools stops processing personal data when the original reason (or purpose) for processing it is no longer valid.

When the processing of personal data is performed with the User's consent, WebRTC.Tools stops processing that personal data upon withdrawal of consent and the data is deleted within the statutory time limit.

Deadlines for storing personal data of registered users:

Personal data related to company account registration, users, contacts and others are kept for an unlimited period, as long as the account is active, or up to 5 /five/ years from the account deletion and/or the last activity of the User in the account.

The financial information (invoices, etc.) is kept for up to 5 /five/ years from the account’s deletion and/or last activity of the User in the account, or up to 10 /ten/ years from the beginning of the year following the year for which a payment is owed.

The correspondence shall be kept for up to 5 /five/ years from an account deletion.

After the time of storing personal data expires, WebRTC.Tools may retain some personal data in archived form, if it is necessary for protection from legal proceedings and protection during possible audits by the competent authorities.

Deadlines for storing personal data of unregistered Users:

If an Entity uses the services of WebRTC.Tools without registration, the information provided by the Entity will be stored until the original reason for processing it becomes invalid, or for a period up to 5 years after the Entity's last activity on the Site.

If a competent State authority requests it or in case of a legal dispute, it is possible that We retain some personal data for a period longer than the above.

5. Who can WebRTC.Tools provide personal data to?

WebRTC.Tools may disclose the personal data of an entity to the authorities, institutions and persons if such an obligation exists under the applicable law.

WebRTC.Tools may make the User's personal data available to other data operators in order to provide the services offered on the site.

Possible categories of recipients include:

        employers you have contacted through the platform;


        analytics services sites;


        third parties providing advertising services (e.g., Facebook, Google Ads, etc.);


        streaming service providers;


        cloud service providers and other storage service providers;


        attorneys, lawyers, accountants and other consultants for our defense when needed;


        other service providers, if it is necessary for the provision of the Site’s services and for ensuring the proper functioning of the Site while maintaining data portability;

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing and storage of personal data by WebRTC.Tools. If a User is using the Site’s features sends his/her personal data to another User, who is the Legal Entity “Employer”, that data is handled according to that Employer’s Privacy Policy.

6. Will the entity's personal data be provided in a third country outside the EU?

The data is likely to be provided in a non-EU country and in such cases the Data User must be duly notified.

7. What rights do you have as a user of the WebRTC.Tools website?

According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Data User has:

        The right to know whether his/her personal data is being processed, the purpose of the processing, and the recipients to whom the data is disclosed;


        The right to access personal data, information about their processing and their rights in this regard.


       The right to data correction;


        The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;


        The right to object to processing;


        The right to restrict processing;


        Data portability right;


        The right to delete personal data (right to be "forgotten");


        The right to complain to a supervisory authority;

Please note that the above rights are not absolute and WebRTC.Tools may refuse to exercise any of the rights listed under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. In any case, WebRTC.Tools will respond to any customer request for the processing of personal data within a reasonable time frame.

8. How can a Data User protect his/her rights if he/she believes that they have been violated?

For questions and requests regarding the exercising of your personal data protection rights, you can contact a Data Protection Officer (DPO) at WebRTC.Tools.

Mailing address:

WebRTC.Tools BG LTD, 2A Klokotnitsa str, Sofia, Bulgaria

tel. 02 / 91-53-555

This policy was last updated on 25/10/2019

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